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Digital Interactive Marketing The Www Way.

Digital Interactive Marketing the WWW way.


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Marketing, as we know it today, had its origins in the early 1970’s wherein businesses gradually started to shift from the predominant ‘production orientation’ approach to a much more ‘sales oriented’ approach. Previously, businesses were concerned with production, manufacturing, and efficiency issues and subsequently, with the conquest of the sales orientation approach, business’s prime concern was to sell its produce. By the early 1980’s another shift – the ‘marketing orientation’ stage – took place as businesses came to realize that it was consumer needs and wants that drove the whole process. Businesses realized that it was futile putting a lot of production and sales effort into products and services that people did not want. And finally now, in the 2000’s we’ve successfully entered the revolutionary fourth stage – digital marketing.

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Reams and reams of analysis have been churned out periodically debating the rise, manifestations and consequences of digital marketing. So what is this all-consuming, overpowering entity known as ‘digital marketing’? Varying opinions may arise from various sections but none of them have been completely able to reduce it to an objective definition. According to one source, it may be a self-replicating ‘viral’ video or an online flash game with a viral message that has a high probability of being passed along by word-of-mouth, thus maximizing the potential of pre-existing social networks. Alternatively, it may be an undemanding e-mailer or an online banner that merely creates awareness, like your regular billboard on the highway. It might be a Facebook page, a Twitter ‘tweet’ or an Orkut ‘scrap’. It may also be a microsite that maximizes the potential of people’s boredom and transforms it into a marketing opportunity. Some sources may talk of it as a company blog, or a blog that the company employees write or a forum that allows people to talk about products which most people, in general circumstances, would have absolutely no interest in talking about in the first place. It might be a place for serious conversation and ‘brand fanatics’ to get together and know each other or maybe just a place for the mildly curious. It might sometimes be an elaborate website that creates an experience and provides value to the brand or even an optimized keyword search that probably does more to drive traffic to a website than a thousand banners and a million e-mailers. It can also be a simple 95 characters Google Ad which can say more than a neon embellished billboard at a bustling intersection. Interactive Marketing or Digital Marketing is one of the most transparent media for advertising because every penny spent, every ad viewed and every sale captured can be logged and analyzed in plain sight. The advantage is that companies no longer pay 5% to 15% of media spends hoping to improve their ROI. They know now that their Interactive Marketing agency

gets paid only for every successful click, lead or conversion. They know that their Digital Interactive agency has to make their money work for them. With Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Banner Buying, Emailers, Websites, Landing Pages, etc. agencies battle each other daily, round the clock to serve your ads to a discerning audience. And that leads us to the next benefit: Precision Marketing. With Search Engine Marketing, Emailers and Social Media Marketing, your contextual ads get served only based on relevant keywords, thus increasing the probability of a conversion manifold.

In conclusion, Speed, Precision, Transparency, High ROI, and measurable results are just some of the reasons why you should go digital.

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